The Legacies Of Warriors: Crone #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Bloody Bliss thinks back on her old deal with Vor the Lion while battling the followers of the returned D’Kayde. Despite the shattering of her sword, Mordenstorm, Bliss is still committed to bring down these marauders. She succeeds, though she is aided by the resistance soldiers gathered by Gaspar Rogue and his family. Bliss, Gaspar, and Corinne follow these warriors back to the outpost run by Gaspar’s son, Anton. He wants to make Bliss into a symbol of hope and strength. This is enough to drive away Bloody Bliss yet again. However, her return home is interrupted by Corinne and the arrival of yet more of D’Kayde’s soldiers.

Crone #3 cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson
Crone #3 cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson

Crone #3 finds Bliss at odds with what her old allies want of her (again). Gaspar wanted a warrior and Bliss was willing to comply. Now, Anton wants a symbol and leader, but Bliss is repulsed by that concept.
Naturally, it’s Bliss’ self-loathing that keeps her from wanting to follow through on this more so than anything else. Being a warrior falls in line with the view she has of herself; becoming a hero is something she can’t see herself doing.
There is a lot more action in this comic, as D’Kayde’s soldiers seem to be around every corner. The action is well-paced and well-timed. We learn some of how D’Kayde’s return was allowed by the faltering of the Three Kingdoms.
We also learn the truth behind D’Kayde’s return. Needless to say, I called it. Regardless, it’s still a good twist.
Crone #3 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau
Crone #3 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau

Justin Greenwood puts in more good visual work in this issue. His action scenes continue to be cathartic, coherent, and well-sequenced. The gore is handled well and the character designs continue to impress. Brad Simpson’s color art is quite good too, giving the book the dower and deadly atmosphere it needs.
Crone #3 is another gripping issue from this team. We learn more of what has become of the world Bliss left behind and we get to see what that world needs of her…even if she isn’t sure she can fulfill that need. Needless to say, this one earns a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.
Crone #3 comes to us from writer Dennis Culver, artist Justin Greenwood, color artist Brad Simpson, letterer Pat Brosseau, and cover artist Justin Greenwood with Brad Simpson.
Final Score: 8/10

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