Advance Review: Like The Crucifixion Of Christ Second Coming #6 Is Not The End

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to your ‘Super Sunday’ here on, in which we hope to provide you with a few bits and pieces across the afternoon to help you while way yours. This Sunday we’re offering you not one, not two, but three advance review of some titles coming out over the next few weeks and months for your consideration. 

(++WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers for Second Coming #6, out Wednesday 15th January++)

First up, I take a look at Mark Russell, Leonard Kirk and Richard Pace’s concluding issue of Second Coming from Ahoy Comics and out this coming Wednesday 15th January.
Over the course of this six issue series we have seen how Sunstar has developed and grown thanks, in part, to his newfound friendship with Jesus Christ and here we have not only the culmination of that storyline, but we also get the good news that Second Coming will be back with a second ‘season’ sometime in the not-too-distant future. That’s great news for all involved, considering this was close to never seeing the light of day if not for Ahoy Comics taking a…  ahem…  leap of faith, shall we say?
Once again we have a story of two halves with the reader bouncing between Jesus’s own story set 2,000 years ago and recounting Satan’s attempts to tempt Christ, as well as his dealing with Judas – told only in the devilishly humorous way that only Russell can write –  while in the present Sunstar has to deal with the threat of Dr Simius and his ape army after receiving an anonymous tip-off.

As with the previous issues the art is split between Kirk and Pace, although Pace’s contributions do seem to be somewhat more rushed and rougher than usual and doesn’t always hold up well to Kirk’s smoother, sleeker economy of line that gives his scenes more of a polished look. The use of two very different color schemes to differentiate the past from the present – with Biblical Jerusalem feeling suitably dusty and dry thanks to the various brown and earthy hues colorist Andy Troy uses, while he relies more on the kind of vivid colors we expect from our funny books – helps readers keep track of everything that is going on as we witness Jesus in flashbacks and in the present too in a very busy issue.
But, what seems to be a straight-forward enough mission to take out Dr Simius turns out to be a ruse instigated by another player. One we’ve seen before and one who just can’t help reverting to type. Seems leopards don’t change their spots and that anonymous tip-off was all part fo a bigger plan. A plan that has been running, behind the scenes, across this whole first season resulting in a lot of callbacks from some very familiar faces.
Throughout it all we have been given the dilemma comic book characters with the power range Sunstar have on a daily basis. How can you save everyone and be everywhere all at once? After all, as we are reminded, the God of Second Coming has all but given up on Earth, so why should Sunstar worry? But, he does and in one moment of stark confession, he lets his fellow heroes at his support group that to take two weeks off for a vacation would mean the death of 280 lives he wouldn’t be around to save, so he compromises and decides to take just a week off with only 140 lives lost. Of course, it’s also one of the greatest questions aimed at Christianity and God’s own absence. But, it looks like even God, after these 6 issues, is having second thoughts. Not so infallible after all, I’m glad to see. In fact, I’ve really enjoyed the laid back, take-no-crap God of this series. All too human himself, I look forward to seeing his role in future issues of this series

And, with a wedding and honeymoon also included in this final issue (for now), it’s no wonder this is a bumper issue offering up a huge 30 page read as well as one Hell of a cliffhanger. God really can work in mysterious ways sometimes.
Second Coming #6 is out Wednesday 15th January from Ahoy Comics
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