Syd’s Desperate As The Fuzz Closes In Dying Is Easy #2

by Brendan M. Allen

From the powerhouse team of Joe Hill (Locke & Key) and Martin Simmonds (Punks Not Dead) comes the second chapter in the inaugural Syd “Sh*t-Talk” Homes mystery!
Comedy may be hard and dying may be easy, but getting yourself off the hook for murder? For Syd Homes, that’s looking damn near impossible. The prime suspect in the death of joke stealer and general thief Carl Dixon, Syd’s on the run, and it’s going to take all of his investigative chops to suss out the real killer before he gets caught. And thrown in jail. With all the guys he locked up.
Luckily, he’s already got a couple of suspects in mind…

In Dying Is Easy #2, a couple uniforms are on their way to “question” Syd. On the way up the stairs, they’re already discussing their cover story for tuning him up a little. Apparently “Shit Talk” has some old friends on the force and they’ve got him dead to rights on all three legs of MMO (Motive, Means, Opportunity) in an ongoing homicide investigation. People have been sentenced to death with less evidence.

Joe Hill is giving us a great character in Syd “Shit Talk” Homes. Chapter two delves into Homes’ past and current situations. It’s easy to see how Syd comes by his acerbic wit and cynicism. Can’t catch a break, this guy. Like, at all. Failed marriage, drummed off the force, barely making a living telling bad jokes, now run up for murder. You’d be grumpy, too.

On the art side, Martin Simmonds and Dee Cunniffe carry that filthy, squalid aesthetic over from the first chapter. Homes’ disgusting apartment, the streets of his run-down neighborhood, a sketchy pawn shop… People are gross. Got it.
I could have gone my whole life without seeing a washed up comedian yanking his pants up over his man-thong, though. Thanks for that.

So far, this is a great little series. I am a little concerned about the pacing. We have a great main character, an awesome murder frame-up, and some interesting themes.
This is scheduled as a five piece mini, though. I’m pulling for Syd. I really am. I sincerely hope we get a satisfying conclusion, but there are a lot of moving pieces here. Loads of stuff to tie up in three short chapters.

Dying Is Easy #2 (of 5), IDW Publishing, 08 January 2020. Written by Joe Hill, art by Martin Simmonds, color assist by Dee Cunniffe, lettered by Shawn Lee, edited by Chris Ryall and Megan Brown.

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