TMNT: Urban Legends Reaches Its Long-Lost Finale

by James Ferguson

In an era when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are owned by Nickelodeon, it’s crazy to think that we’re finally seeing the conclusion to TMNT: Urban Legends. IDW Publishing has been re-releasing this series that was originally published form 1996 through 1999, but never saw a finale…until now. Writer Gary Carlson and artist Frank Fosco reunite to bring the long-awaited ending to this saga. They’re joined by colorist Adam Guzowski. TMNT: Urban Legends #24 is the beginning of the end, debuting in April 2020, unmasking the mysterious and deadly Lady Shredder, leading to an epic showdown two decades in the making.

Writer Gary Carlson says:

It’s a pleasure to be able to finish up the TMNT storylines that Frank Fosco and I started over twenty years ago. I have always been proud of the issues we did at Image. It’s great to know that our run hasn’t been forgotten, and that so many fans are excited to see how it would have ended.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends has been a crazy series so far. It’s very much a ’90s comic in both the artwork and the story, leaning towards the more extreme with crazy violence, cursing, and super big guns.
Artist Frank Fosco added:

After all these years, we’re excited to finally be able to wrap up this awesome storyline… so put a helmet on, buckle up, and jump on for an exciting ride full of twists and turns. We’ve all been waiting for this!

Every generation has its own Ninja Turtles and this series spoke to a group of people coming up. I’m so glad that we’re finally getting an end to the series and I’m eager to see how the creators wrap everything up.
Editor Megan Brown says:

IDW is proud to have helped Gary and Frank’s adrenaline-packed iteration of TMNT reach its natural and satisfying conclusion. It’s been an immensely rewarding experience to bring this series to both a new audience and old fans, and to see a renewed interest in the wonderful Urban Legends!

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