Review: Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 Overwhelms Our Heroes By Bendis, Sook And Moore

by Tony Thornley

The 31st century is full of legends of the great age of heroes. Legion of Super-Heroes #3 explores those legends in a few different ways, both with some serious consequences for the future.

Brian Michael Bendis, Travis Moore, Ryan Sook, Wade von Grawbadger, and Jordie Bellaire take us into the future again.

The threats come from multiple fronts. One faction of the Legion finds themselves face to face with Ultra Boy’s father, the bloodthirsty General Nah of Rimbor. Another attempts to confront Mordru about his deeper motives. All the while, Superboy endangers the entire future by bringing a familiar face into the 31st Century…

One of the most classic tropes of the Legion is to split them up to face multiple connected threats. Bendis starts to play with that here, and it’s the best part of the issue when he does. Even better be sprinkles a lot of world building in with it (such as Mon-El becoming the leader of Rimbor by punching out Rimbor’s current leader). Halfway through the issue, he does pull back to bring the entire group back together, which makes the story feel smaller. It’s a strong issue, but still has hurdles to overcome.

Moore and Sook make for a great team on pencils, while von Grawbadger’s inks tie their work together. They both are extremely emotive. Sook has an eye for comedy, with great pacing and timing. Moore takes the action scenes, and makes them chaotic and ensures the fights feel impactful and have a real weight. However, it’s also has some obstacles to overcome, particularly in the character designs, which are such a departure that its a confusing read in many places.

The story is picking up and the Legion is starting to feel more and more like itself. I just hope it gets there sooner rather than later.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3 is available now from DC Comics.

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