‘Crypt Of Shadows’ #1 And ‘Moon Knight’ Annual #1 Get New Printings

by Brendan M. Allen

Crypt Of Shadows #1 and Moon Knight Annual #1 will return to comic shops next month. These sold-out issues were packed with adventures starring Marvel’s greatest horror icons including Werewolf by Night, Else Bloodstone, Man-Thing, Moon Knight, and more. Moon Knight Annual  #1’s new edition will come complete with an all-new cover while Crypt of Shadows #1 receives a festive makeover for its Second Printing, and fans can grab both of them just in time for the holiday season on December 14.

With stories by Al Ewing, Rebecca Roanhorse, Chris Cooper, and more, Crypt Of Shadows #1 was a terrifying tour of the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe. This Halloween celebration one-shot included a brain-melting fight between Wolverine and Man-Thing, a savage Werewolf by Night brawl, an Elsa Bloodstone mystery, an early adventure of the titular star of the upcoming Bloodline: Daughter of Blade series, and the return of groundbreaking character Victoria Montesi. The second printing variant cover puts a chilling spin on Leinil Francis Yu’s original cover.

One of Marvel’s most fearsome rivalries was reignited in Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini’s Moon Knight Annual  #1. An important chapter in MacKay’s current Moon Knight run, Moon Knight Annual delivered the latest showdown between Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night. With a desperate ploy to save his people, Jack Russell, the original Werewolf by Night, has returned! In the Darkhold, there is a prophecy but to fulfill it, he’ll require the blood of the Fist of Khonshu, and Moon Knight doesn’t bleed easily. The second printing variant cover is a brand-new piece by artist Carlos Magno.

Check out the covers now and be sure to check with your local comic shop for availability.

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