The Final Battle Between Organic And Artificial Life Concludes With Venom: The End #1

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
We join Venom trillions of years into the future. Venom leads the last army of biological lifeforms (or Biolife) against the Godmind army of Artificial Super Intelligence (or A.S.I). We learn how things got to this point, starting with the death of Venom’s host, Eddie Brock. Though the symbiote extended Eddie’s life, it couldn’t keep him alive forever. Around this time, the various galactic empires across the cosmos unleashed Artificial Super Intelligence against one another, ultimately subsuming all organic life in the Milky Way and beyond. While the war between the A.S.I. raged, Venom used his vast genetic codex to repopulate a galaxy left untouched by the A.S.I. However, this couldn’t last forever. The A.S.I. ascended to the status of Godminds and they set their sights on the last vestiges of space Venom reserved for Biolife.

Venom: The End #1 cover by Rahzzah
Venom: The End #1 cover by Rahzzah

Venom: The End #1 gives us the universe-spanning finale to the saga of Venom. We learn how the symbiote became the final champion of organic life, even as the rest of existence fell under the dominion of artificial life. 
It’s a wild tale spanning an infinite amount of time and space and it helps nail down the personality and intentions of the Venom symbiote without Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote is a champion of life and wants to see it preserved at all costs.
Interestingly, there are moments where it’s implied that Venom’s crusade against the A.S.I. might not be entirely righteous. Venom is given some outs that they refuse outright. All of that is before we even get to what Venom did to Eddie by keeping him alive for so long.
All of this is brilliant and manically creative. The only downside to the comic is how flowery the narration is throughout. The book tries to explain abstract science fiction concepts and coins many new terms in the process. While it gels much of the time, it still becomes exasperating at other times. The comic’s sense of humor is a little weak too.
Venom: The End #1 art by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, Guru-eFX, and letterer VC's Clayton Cowles
Venom: The End #1 art by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Guru-eFX, and letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Jeffrey Chamba Cruz illustrates all of these abstract cosmic concepts quite well, playing with the symbiote itself, their emulation of Earth’s heroes, and the A.S.I. superstructures in an imaginative and gripping fashion. The appearances of Eddie and other hosts do look a little off, though those moments are few. Guru-eFX brings a vibrant and explosive color palette to the book, making sure Venom goes out on a visually bombastic note.
Venom: The End #1 is an insane final odyssey for the symbiotic hero. It puts everything on the line to preserve organic life against an artificial horde and it does so with a compelling focus and drive spanning trillions of years. Despite some complaints, this one still easily earns a recommendation. Check it out.
Venom: The End #1 comes to us from writer Adam Warren, artist Jeffrey Chamba Cruz, color artist Guru-eFX, letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles, cover artist Rahzzah, and variant cover artist Adam Warren with Guru-eFX.
Final Score: 8/10

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