How It All Began: Preview Ghostbusters Year One #1 By Burnham, Schoening And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Now, here’s an interesting new take on Ghostbusters with the publication of a new mini-series from IDW called Ghostbusters: Year One from writer Eric Burnham, artist Dan Schoening, colorist Luis Antonio Delgado and letterer Neil Uyetake.
Each issue will feature the turn of a different Ghostbuster being interviewed by their official biographer as the guys look back at the events of the classic first film and beyond. First up on the interviewer’s chair, is the underused Winston Zeddemore. Take a look at our preview of the first issue out today, Wednesday 22nd January, from IDW.

In anticipation of the new Ghostbusters feature film coming to theaters Summer 2020, we look back at the Boys in Grey’s first year on the job, showcasing never before seen adventures! After defeating Gozer and becoming heroes in the city, county, and state of New York, a publisher has decided to cash in with a biography of the Boys in Grey and sends a writer to interview them all for background. He starts with WINSTON ZEDDEMORE, the first ‘buster hired into the supernatural start-up. Winston relates the story of his very first bust, so we can finally know what kind of… ahem, stuff he’s seen that’ll will turn you white!

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