Blackest Night? Preview The Green Lantern: Black Stars #3 By Morrison And Xermanico

by Olly MacNamee

Grant Morrison, Xermanico, Steve Oliff and Tom Orzechowski wind up their mini-epic The Green Lantern: Black Stars this coming week with the third and final issue ahead of the launch of season 2 of The Green Lantern next month. Hal Jordan continues to fly with the Black Stars in this twisted reality of the DCU. It’s not like the DCU’s timelines haven’t had enough rewriting in recent times, but can it survive yet another battering by the forces of darkness and Controller Mu? Find out this Wednesday 29th January from DC Comics, but check out a preview now.

The epic conclusion to this twisted rewrite of DC Universe history! Will Hal Jordan and his fascist band of Blackstars sublimate the entire universe to the diamond will of Controller Mu? Can the timeline ever be restored before more of Earth’s heroes perish?

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