Kara Considers A Date In A Preview Of The Next Supergirl

by Erik Amaya

It’s been three years since Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) went on a date. And though the various shipping communities may hate it, it is time for her to at least consider some sort of romantic situation. In this preview for the next episode of Supergirl, Kara accepts William’s (Staz Nair) offer to go out sometime. It’s new and different, even if the more vocal fans of Lena (Katie McGrath) and Mon-El are not having it. Oh, also, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is still in the 21st Century for some reason and the Luthors are one step closer to dealing with Leviathan. And did we mention the show is going on a two-week break?

Supergirl demonstrated a ton of restraint by not having Kara immediately meet someone new after Mon-El went back to the future in Season 3. Of course, in the absence of any romantic storyline, the mad chemistry between Benoist and McGrath often made it seem as though their characters might get together. And the use of rom-com visual grammar in the Season 5 premiere can be entered into evidence as the show possibly queer-baiting its more rabid SuperCorp fans. So, we totally sympathize with the shippers who feel let down by this development.
At the same time, though, a ship — especially one not acknowledged by the text — can lead to a skewed feelings about the show (see also the Karamel shippers equally annoyed at William’s new role as a romantic interest). We’re willing to give William a chance, in part because it’s been a long time (in TV terms) since Kara allowed any romance into her life.
Meanwhile, we’re happy to have Winn back for a little while. Hopefully, his departure from the show will coincide with Brainy (Jesse Rath) getting some of his charm back. True to the character, his inability to share with the group has led him to a lot of anguish, but it is tough to watch; particularly as Rath is good at playing Brainy’s turmoil. Splintering him from the group is great for a few episodes, but we hope he feels comfortable coming to game night by mid-March.
Supergirl returns February 16th on The CW.

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