Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 Opens Up A Whole New Universe

by Tony Thornley

The Guardians of the Galaxy have had a rough couple of years, so when they have the opportunity to retire, they should take it. However, someone needs to protect the Marvel Universe’s intergalactic corner, and a new team may have to answer the call. That’s a great thing for us…

Al Ewing, Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit assemble the galaxy’s…  greatest in Guardians of the Galaxy #1? Maybe?

A period of upheaval has ending. The Universal Church of Truth has been defeated, the Cancerverse has been sealed off, and the Guardians are taking some much deserved time off. However, a threat greater than any other they’ve faced has surfaced. And a new team of Guardians will be born…

Ewing launches this series like he’s been writing the Guardians for a decade. The team feels like a family here which is key to the first half of the story. You can sympathize with Quill and Rocket as they leave to face the Olympians, since the bond between the characters feels so authentic. That extends to the various new members of the team, especially Marvel Boy who feels like he’s always been a part of the book. Even better he feels just like he stepped right out of the miniseries that introduced him.

The threat here of the New Olympians is a fantastic one. It feels wholly unique, unlike anything that the Guardians have ever faced before. On the downside, it could be a little confusing for anyone who hasn’t kept up with Ewing’s Marvel work, as it’s very dependent on those past stories.

This series is going to be what makes Cabal a star. He has a very clear storytelling style, and leads the reader’s eye across the page through the slower moments. It helps with emotional impact of the internal struggle Quill has; does he leave his family or does he have a duty to continue being a hero?

His action work shifts gears though. He has an incredible sense of scale, as the fight explodes across the pages and breaks down panel borders. It’s epic, and paced to give it a real sense of urgency as you read. Blee’s colors are bright and clear, which helps set the scene of the war that’s brewing. It’s one of the best looking issues Marvel has put out in a long time.

I absolutely loved this issue. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great and exciting read. It sets up a fantastic new future for Marvel’s space titles, and I’m excited to be along for the ride.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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