From The Frying Pan To The Fire In Folklords #3

by Brendan M. Allen

Outside of the village, life is no fairy tale—and Ansel has learned this the hard way. Betrayed by one of his traveling companions, Ansel finds himself at the mercy of Hanz and Greta. He needs to escape before the worst happens, but the siblings have a story for him, and the truth is more gruesome than he could have imagined.

In Folklords #3, Ansel finds himself in a bit of a situation. Last he remembered, he was camping out with his childhood friend Archer and the beautiful damsel they stumbled upon after “escaping” the big, ugly brute lady. Now, Archer’s nowhere to be found and Ansel is tied up in the basement filled with torture implements. His captor? Previously mentioned damsel. Because of course she is.
Loads of that quirky, charming Matt Kindt dialogue in this installment. Even after the revelation that Greta is an awful human being, you still kind of like her. Aside from the torture and the murder and cannibalism and whatnot.
Still leaning heavily into the farm boy/hero’s journey trope, but a lot of the situations Ansel is finding himself in at this point are predictably backward. I’m sincerely hoping that’s a big, fat bait and switch.

Art by Matt Smith and Chris O’Halloran continues to evolve with the twists and flips in Kindt’s script. There’s an interesting challenge here. Part of the job is making all these fantasy elements look mundane and run of the mill, while hiding the teeth until it’s time to pull the string. Looking back to the very first time we met Greta, the crazy was always there. It just took the context of a basement torture chamber to see.
My biggest complaint to date with Folklords is the pacing. This is scheduled as a five piece mini, which means we’re more than halfway through. I am really struggling with how this thing is going to wrap. It’s a fun series. I like the concept and the characters. The art is fantastic. I just hope the next two chapters sell the finish.

Folklords #3, BOOM! Studios, 22 January 2020. Written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by Matt Smith, colored by Chris O’Halloran, letters by Jim Campbell, cover by Matt Smith, back cover by Matt Kindt, unlocked retailer variant cover by Dustin Nguyen, logo by Marie Krupina, design by Michelle Ankley, edited by Eric Harburn assisted by Ramiro Portnoy and Gavin Gronenthal.

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