Comics Resources Dept: The FPI Blog Returns From The Dead

by Richard Bruton

The Internet is littered with the remnants of comics projects that used to be. But here’s one bit of good news about one old comics site. Because the Forbidden Planet International Blog is back online at last…
For about ten years, right up to the time the site was shuttered, I used to write about all things UK comics over there. Along with Blog boss, Joe Gordon, and many other writers, we used to fill the site with delights and coverage of the comics world, spinning our own take on comics, with that unique UK perspective.
Unfortunately, in 2018, those in charge at FPI decided to shut the site down. It happens.
But despite the FPI website and store carrying on, the blog disappeared. Which was a terrible shame. Now, thanks to a little bit of behind the scenes work being carried out by Kenny Penman, FPI director and Blank Slate publisher, the archive of the 13 years of FPI Blog is back online.
This is, I hope you agree, a good thing. For 13 years, we tried to champion UK comics in all their forms and there’s a grand archive of good things on there. There’s so much there that we were proud of, a history of reviews and articles, interviews and features, all now back for all to read.
If nothing else, it’s a perfect example of just how we should work hard to make sure that online writing is maintained and curated, consider it a snapshot of a particular part of comics history, something worth keeping alive and available.
You want just one example of what made it good? How about the last interview with Leo Baxendale? Yes, things like that.


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