Your First Look At ‘Detective Comics’ #1020 By Tomasi, Walker, Hennessy And Anderson

by Olly MacNamee

This may very well be an unlettered first look at Detective Comics #1020, but that makes it even more creepier if you ask me as we get up close and personal with a gnarly Harvey Dent making yet another fatal decision with the flip of a coin. From Peter J. Tomasi with artwork by Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy and Brad Anderson, and out from DC Comics on February 26th with FOC this coming Monday, February 3rd.

As Gotham City continues its rise from the ashes of “City of Bane,” some familiar faces have returned to keep Gotham City exactly where they want it: Two-Face is back! But this time, he’s recruited some like-minded individuals to help him in his cause!
With an elite team of split-personality special forces at his side, Two-Face and Batman square off in what could be their final battle, as a new ally arrives to help the Dark Knight…Harvey Dent?!

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