Your First Look At ‘Dial H For Hero’ #12 The Final Issue By Humphries And Quinones

by Olly MacNamee

Sometimes you miss jumping onto a book on the ground floor and then never get the chance to get on again. Well, that’s the story with me and Dial H for Hero by writer Sam Humphries and artist Joe Quinones. Admiring it from afar (hey, there’s only so many comics you can buy a month, right?) with the final issue due out February 26th from DC Comics imprint Wonder Comics, it means I can soon rectify my mistake by picking up the inevitable trade collection. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and enjoy these raw uncoloured and unlettered pages from the final issue.

Miguel must face his most dangerous opponent yet—himself! With the fate of the Multiverse hanging in the balance, Miguel must battle his literal dark side. Will he and Summer survive the experience? And will the power of the H-Dial be lost for-ever? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this innovative series!

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