Check Out Final Fantasy VII: Remake’s Opening Cutscene

by Sage Ashford

With just over a month before the game’s release, Square-Enix has decided to show off the opening cutscene from Final Fantasy VII: RemakeThe trailer runs about five minutes, and gives us an glimpse into the society and world as it stands before the game’s events really get going. It also features a certain Flower Girl before transitioning to a glimpse of the iconic scene from the original game’s cover, and, finally, the proper main characters of the game’s first chapter.
Square-Enix also gave us a look at some other key characters in the game, along with acknowledging additional supplemental material involving side quests Cloud can go on as a mercenary, known as “Mercenary Quests”.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake launches on April 10th, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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