Review: Drowning In The Centuries In ‘Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3’

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Centuries ago, Andy and Noriko were lovers. They were together for a long, long time until, while sailing on a ship, Noriko was washed away by the merciless ocean. Noriko spent centuries drowning and resurrecting. She wants revenge on Andy for not saving her and she is taking that vengeance now. Noriko attacks Andy, Nile, and Joe, but Andy just wants to talk to Noriko. She isn’t interested in a conversation and Nicky is forced to intervene with a sniper rifle. Later, FBI Agent Mustafa “Moose” King is left to investigate the mess they left behind with a mysterious new partner. 

Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3 cover by Leandro Fernández
Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3 cover by Leandro Fernández

Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3 reunites a pair of former lovers separated by time and the sea. We learn who Noriko is to Andy and why she’s after Andy and her immortal associates. It’s another action-heavy issue with plenty of bloodshed–the kind that arises when one or more of the parties can’t permanently die. Noriko sadistically thirsts for Andy’s misery, even while Andy just wants to reconnect with Noriko.
The thought of Noriko’s past few centuries are pretty damn horrific. Drowning and reviving only to drown again in repetition for hundreds of years would drive just about anyone mad and murderous.
James Copley, the new “partner” of Agent King introduces a new and troubling variable–someone who knows what the Old Guard can do and pointing the authorities in the right direction.
Leandro Fernández once again provides a textured, detailed, and atmospheric issue. His action scenes are bombastic and bloody while his more pensive scenes are aptly subtle and moody. Daniela Miwa adds to this atmosphere with an enveloping and well-contrasted color palette well-suited to the story of Force Multiplied.
Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3 is a tense and emotional issue as Andy is forced to face the ghosts of her past as they try to kill her and all her friends. Noriko is a compelling and tragic villain and I look forward to seeing what she has next for Andy and the team. Whatever that may be, this comic gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3 comes to us from writer Greg Rucka, artist and cover artist Leandro Fernández, color artist Daniela Miwa, and letterer Jodi Wynne.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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