Super Sunday (Part 4): ‘Vampirella’ #1-6 Collected This April By Dynamite

by Olly MacNamee

Vampirella: Seduction of the Innocent trade paperback collects the first six issues of Dynamite’s newest Vampirella series, alongside last year’s FDBD offering, by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz.
Coming out this April, it’s a redefining of a classic character by one of the leading BAME creators working in comics today. His run on Black Panther back in the days of Joe Quesada’s Marvel Knights initiative is still a stone-cold classic to this day and his recent run on DC Comics’ Deathstroke has been a must-read for me too.
Looks like lightning has struck again with critics raving about this new take on Vampi. If, like me, you didn’t pick up this book last year, now’s your chance to catch up. Here’s a look at some of the trade’s interiors now.

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