Batman #90 Sells Out Ahead Of Drop Date, Gets Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

If DC Comics are trying to make us forget that Tom King’s Batman run ever happened, then they’re doing well on the PR front. First, we got word that James Tynion IV’s first smash issue sold out, then there was the news about a certain supervillain’s debut in Batman #89 – which also sold out – as well as the introduction of The Designer, who, for my money, will be the real break-out villain from this run that people remember and clamour for, and not Punchline.  And now, we get news that incoming artist Jorge Jimenez and his debut issue, Batman #90, has already sold out ahead of its publication next Wednesday 4th March.

The mysterious master criminal known only as the Designer once brought together Gotham City’s greatest criminals to plot the perfect crime, and now his plan has been unleashed upon the city in all its might. Batman will go to any length to uncover the grand design, but Catwoman is the one who holds the greatest secret. If Batman wins against the Designer, he will lose everything.

So, if Batman isn’t a fixture on your pull list, you may want to either have a world with your local comic book store, or get there early to avoid disappointment.
If you do fail to bag a copy, then the second printing will drop Wednesday, March 25th. Don’t miss out.
Batman #90 written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez and out this Wednesday March 4th.

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