Review: Batman Makes A Shocking, Game-Changing Decision In ‘Batman: Curse Of The White Knight’ #7

by Olly MacNamee

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 sees the latest chapter in Sean Murphy’s alternative take on Batman heading towards its crescendo with Azrael still free. But, before that, Bruce has to come to terms with the  startling revelation from last issue that he may not even be a Wayne by birth! What’s more, who’d have ever thought that it would be Harley Quinzel that offers up the Dark Knight words of advise and comfort? These two have been getting awfully close across the course of this thrilling, swashbuckling  series, which I’ve enjoyed witnessing. But then, that’s the beauty of any alternative universe story – you can do whatever the Hell you want, and Murphy has certainly done that, with the death of Commissioner Gordon, a totally new take on the Joker and a whole remixing of Gotham City and his own supporting cast.

Murphy’s Batman – like the DCU’s own –  is yet another driven characters, but one who realises his limitations. Fixing his cool cars by day, while reading crime reports that he then acts upon at night. It’s a low moment when he admits to not even knowing how to be Bruce Wayne anymore, his life as a crime fighter is so all consuming. Time to address that shocking work/life balance, methinks.
It’s a comic book that often reads like a satisfying epilogue as Bruce visits old friends and colleagues to make amends and seek forgiveness. But, it’s more the calm before the storm. And, after the solemn tone set at the end of the last issue with the death of Joker, it’s a fitting and reflective tone for this issue to open up with. There’s nothing like death, and deep-hidden family revelations to get one thinking and taking stock of one’s life and one’s accomplishments. I mean, what do you do when you find out that you’ve always been part of the problem, and not the solution?

Well, it’s a rather sensational conclusion Bruce comes to and when acted upon and one that attempts to extricate him from his position as one of Gotham City’s elite and corrupt.
By the end of the issue, old arguments are settled and a new-found hope is created by Batman’s actions as he addresses Gotham City with news that will dramatically shake up his position as a crime-fighter in this Piranesi-inspired city. The richer hues of orange, courtesy of Matt Hollingworth,  that dwell within the pages of this issue almost foreshadow a new dawn rising on the city. Let’s just hope Batman can follow through on the day ahead and the final duel between two equally-matched badasses.
Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 is out now from DC Black Label/DC Comics

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