The Pantherism Compensation Program: ‘Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs To You #1’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
You have just received your Pantherism settlement package. It contains money, coupons, and legally-binding documentation preventing you from seeking further legal action against the Patriarchy! All that is required is your signature, committing you to the above-agreements. Also, feel free to watch when we send 10 untrained women into space to rectify the historical lack of female astronauts.

Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1 cover by Lia Miternique
Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1 cover by Lia Miternique

Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1 isn’t a story per se. It would best be described as an avant-garde second-person visual facsimile of a federally-granted settlement package. That is to say, you, the reader, are Maude, having just experienced your harrowing brush with Pantherism and everything it entailed. You (Maude) received this settlement package from the Patriarchy that tosses a few scraps your way to beg forgiveness for your suffering and you have to agree not to sue anyone.
I’m a little torn on this one. While I think the comic is smart, funny, and does a nice parody of all the condescending little ways power makes token and largely aesthetic concessions to feminism writ large, it’s not really much of a read. It is a comic book in the most literal sense of the term, but there’s no real story, character, or progression. If someone picked this up on a whim with no prior knowledge of Man-Eaters, they would have no clue how it relates to anything. I know episodic storytelling always runs that risk, but it’s uniquely true in this comic full of fake legal documentation and coupons.
Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1
Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1

There is a beautifully-written essay at the end from Eliza Fantastic Mohan that delivers a heart-warming celebration of life.
Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1 is a funny addendum to the Man-Eaters series, showing the reader a pathetic little relief package sent to a victim of Pantherism in the hopes that they don’t take legal action. If you enjoyed Man-Eaters, you’ll likely enjoy this add-on. Otherwise, just go back and pick up the first volume of the series and start reading that.
Man-Eaters: Tomorrow Belongs to You #1 comes to us from writers Chelsea Cain and Eliza Fantastic Mohan and cover artist and designer Lia Miternique.
Final Score: 5.5/10

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