Bloodshot Gets Fully Loaded And Offers You A Chance To Be A Character In A Comic

by Gary Catig

The Bloodshot movie is finally hitting theaters this week and publisher, Valiant Entertainment, is celebrating with a cinema inspired cover and a golden opportunity for fans of the superhero.

A new arc of the series begins this Wednesday 11th March with Bloodshot #7. In the three-issue story, the nanite infused super soldier must hunt down monsters, aliens and other dangerous threats in a top secret facility. A “Fully Loaded” edition of the same issue is set to release next month. It will contain an additional eight pages of extra content including new artwork, classified information and commentary from Bloodshot’s creator, Kevin VanHook. The special edition comic comes out the same day as issue #8 on April 8.
In addition, Bloodshot enthusiasts have a chance to be drawn in a future issue of the comic. Currently, a Bloodshot 2020 Humble Bundle is being offered. More than $400 worth of DRM-free books related to the hero of the moment are available in a pay-what-you-want-bundle with tiers beginning at $1. One lucky person who is the top contributor when the Bundle ends wins the opportunity to become a comic character. A portion of the proceeds of all sales will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The offer ends on March 14 at 2pm EST.

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