Tite Kubo’s ‘Bleach’ Returns To Finish Its Thousand Year Blood War; ‘Burn the Witch’ Anime Confirmed

by Sage Ashford

Recently, Shonen Jump‘s YouTube channel announced that Tite Kubo‘s Bleach manga was going to see an adaptation of its final arc, “The Thousand Year Blood War.” The storyline saw Ichigo and the rest of Soul Society become locked in conflict with the Quincies, their opposites. The Bleach anime ran its course several years before this storyline could wrap up; coming to an end in 2010.
For the 20th anniversary though, the series will be making its return to airwaves later this year. Considering Bleach was considered one of the “Big Three” for Shonen Jump during the early 2000s, their attempt to finish the series makes sense, as it was always quite popular — even if it was never the strongest pillar holding Weekly Shonen Jump up. “Thousand Year Blood War” has a chance at being the best adapted arc in Bleach as it completed long ago and the anime can set its own pace as opposed to waiting behind the manga for story purposes.

That wasn’t the only announcement though, as they also confirmed Tite Kubo’s one-shot storyline, “Burn the Witch“, would be getting both a serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, and it’s own anime. “Burn the Witch” is actually a spin-off of Bleach, set in a Western Soul Society and centered around two witches working for another branch of Soul Society. It begins twelve years after the Thousand Year Blood War and two years after Bleach‘s epilogue chapter. The anime adaption will debut sometime in the fall.

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