The Investigation Begins In ‘X-Factor #1’ Trailer

by James Ferguson

I’ve lost count of the amount of new X titles coming out of Dawn of X, but this one in particular is one I’m very excited about. X-Factor brings us a new team of detectives coming together to solve mutant murders around the world. Marvel Comics has shared a trailer featuring writer Leah Williams, Senior Editor Jordan D. White, and Assistant Editor Annalise Bissa, giving us an idea of what to expect from the new series.

Writer Leah Williams says:

We’re gonna be exploring what the new rules and establishing these things with X-Factor.

One of the best parts of building an X-Men team is throwing together a diverse group of characters and personalities. X-Factor is no different. The line-up features Northstar, Daken, Eye-Boy, Presitge, Prodigy, and Polaris. What will they have to even talk about?
Senior Editor Jordan D. White added:

If you like mysteries, come check it out. There’s gonna be some crazy mysteries, and it’ll introduce you to the insane world of the X-Men.

X-Factor #1 was originally set for release on April 22nd, 2020, but that may change since Diamond Comic Distributors has halted shipments to local comic shops in the wake of COVID-19.

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