Sunday Service (Part 2): Rio Bravo Comics Offers Up A Latinx Hero Of The Downtrodden In ‘El Peso Hero: La Patrona’ Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Comics and politics have long been bedfellows and with the current political climate, I’m not surprised that there has been a rise in such subject matter appearing in both mainstream and independent comics.
One such indie publisher to offer his voice to the disenfranchised and downtrodden is Hector Rodriguez’s Rio Bravo Comics, based in Dallas, Texas. In his comic book series, El Peso Hero, we meet a hero who battles corruption and the Mexican cartel in his local neighbourhood. while highlighting other important social issue such as immigration, human trafficking and border corruption.
Here’s more on El Peso Hero, plus a prologue to Rodriguez’s  El Peso Hero: La Patrona which you can find, along with all of his other books on comiXology here.

The origin of El Peso Hero is rooted in powerful Mexican history. Mexico has known many heroes through her long and eventful history. Perhaps none have captured the imagination and stirred the hearts to the degree that Los Niños Héroes (Heroic Children) have. In 1847, six brave young cadets fought valiantly for their country during the Mexican- American War at the Battle of Chapultepec. Tragically, they died defending her honor.
We also honor the story of adelita Petra Herrera. Petra spear headed the siege of Torreon during the Mexican Revolution in 1913. This battle
was crucial in allocating resources for Pancho Villa’s army. Unfortunately Petra la Soldadera was never given credit
for her pivotal role. Portraying their stories has never been done in comic book form.

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