Universal Sets Up A ‘Green Hornet And Kato’ Film With Amasia Entertainment

by Erik Amaya

Maybe it will work this time.
Variety reports Universal Pictures and Amasia Entertainment are developing a new Green Hornet film called, appropriately enough, Green Hornet and Kato. Based on the 1930s radio show, itself inspired by the pulp characters who would go on to influence the early comic book superheroes, it will presumably try to update the concept of a wealthy hero who masquerades as a notorious underworld figure and his martial arts expert companion into something appealing for 21st century audiences.
Of course, that was the exact same thinking behind 2011’s The Green Hornet staring Seth Rogen as the eponymous hero and Jay Chou as Kato. It failed to spawn a franchise — one of the key end goals of superhero pictures — or create much a splash in the culture. Nevertheless, Universal wants its superhero and this could be the one to work out for them.
“The Green Hornet is one of the most iconic and beloved superhero tales ever created, and it has entertained generations of fans in every form of storytelling,” Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer said in a statement, adding he was thrilled to “launch an exciting new cinematic world for Britt Reid, Kato, and the Black Beauty.” The notable emphasis on Kato in the title and early statements suggest a larger role for the character, first realized by Bruce Lee in the 1966 television series developed by Batman ’66 producer William Dozier.
As Amasia Entertainment’s Michael Helfant noted in a statement, Universal released Green Hornet movie serials in the 1940s, and if can recapture some of that can-do energy with greater production values, the studio may have finally found the costumed hero its been looking for.

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