Kickstarting Comics: Paliomitti And Johnson Launch Cola Wars Thriller ‘Pop Kill’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

If, like me, you’ve been wondering why several comic book creators have been posting very stylised, post-WWII advertisement for a Popsco Cola as well as Fizz One Cola, well wonder no more.
It would seem this has all been a big tease for a new comic book Kickstarter campaign from writers Jimmy Paliomitti and Dave Johnson launched today. Along with illustrator Juan Santacruz (Painkiller Jane, Twilight Experiment), colorist Brian Reber (X-Men, Bloodshot)  and letterer Sean Konot (Aliens, Aliens vs Predator).

Imagine a world where the two dominant and competing Cola companies, each worth billions, are owned by former Siamese twins who are now separated and have grown to hate each other so much they hire assassins, saboteurs, and espionage personnel to meddle with each other on a daily basis.  This is the story about brotherly love run afoul, and the people they enlist to do their dirty work.
Meet the beautiful DINA DELUX, a scientist in the Fizz division at POPSO COLA. She’s on the verge of creating a formula that will make soda 50% fizzier, keeping it carbonated longer than any other brand on the market. A breakthrough like this would put all the competition out of business in a heartbeat.
When Popso’s main rival FIZZ ONE COLA hear the rumors about the discovery, they activate their best man, JON PYLE, an oversexed mercenary, to take care of the situation. His orders are to convince Dina to switch sides, and if that fails, to eliminate her. However, after they meet the attraction is undeniable and a third option kicks in, one which triggers repercussions from BOTH sides.

Sounds like a whole of fun, as you’d expect from the creative team involved. Although which one is Pinky and which one is the Brain in this outfit, I’ll leave to you to decide.
If you want in on a life of the action, check out the full campaign, and pledges, here now. It’s already rising fast! And, check out the preview below too:

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