Preview: Big Trouble In Little China In ‘Genpets’ #2 From Magnetic Press

by Olly MacNamee

We introduced you to Magnetic Press earlier today with a preview of Klaw #14 and so we’re presenting a further preview of a digital comic they’ve got out today, Genpet #2 by writer Damián and artist Alex Fuentes.

Like Klaw, and other offerings from Magnetic Press, this is another successful European title translation for American readers and uo today, Monday 27th April, on comiXology. Here’s a preview of the new issue, which is a story set in a New York of the future where pets, like so many other things, have been genetically modified to suit the individual. And where Nat and his pet, Niko, must navigate the mean streets of the Big Apple.

Nat and Niko meet Luisa, who helps them out of a Chinatown jam! Before they can make it back home, however, they’re captured by the gangster Crane who plans to hold them ransom… in his monster-fighting pits!

It’s also worth reminding you again that this is a title you can buy as a physical collection so maybe ask your local comic book store about this title and others over on Magnetic Press’s website.

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