‘Sensational Wonder Woman’ Joins Batman And Superman With A New Anthology

by Olly MacNamee

I don’t know. You wait and wait for some DC Comics news, and then suddenly three new items all come in at once.

Following on from the news on both a new Superman anthology and the revelation of the new creative team on Superman and Action Comics comes the announcement that Wonder Woman will be getting her own anthology too, to join the Man of Steel and Batman. Although her’s will be a Digital First title with a printed version following a few months later for those of us not willing to give up on floppies quite yet.

Cover by Yasmine Putri

Matching veteran creators with new voices will celebrate Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary one last time this year with Sensational Wonder Woman. And, like several original DC Digital Firsts it will be published weekly Published weekly, in standalone stories that are free of continuity. And, what’s more, the first issue features an all-female creative team:

“For the first digital arc, newly announced Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips, Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace artist Meghan Hetrick and colorist Marissa Louise pit Diana against the evil Doctor Psycho. During a battle with the villain, Wonder Woman sacrifices herself to stop him, the impact from his psychic blast trapping her in an alternate reality. With the help of guest-star Hawkgirl, Diana must remember who she is before it’s too late.”

Future digital/print arcs will include strips from writer/artist Colleen Doran, Alyssa Wong and Eleonora Carlini, Mirka Andolfo, Corinna Bechko, with more to come. And really leaning in to this being a book for female talent, both veterans of the comic book industry as well as relatively newer voices like Mirka Andolofo.

Sensational Wonder Woman #1 arrives on all participating digital platforms on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, with a main cover by Yasmine Putri. And, fear not as a print version will arrives in comic book stores on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 and will also include a variant cover by EJIKURE.

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