Jacob Makes Good On His Threat In A Preview Of The ‘Batwoman’ Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

While Mary (Nicole Kang) may think she’s the last person to learn Kate (Ruby Rose) is Batwoman, there are a handful of people still not in on the secret. Sophie (Meagan Tandy) — by her very nature as an Arrowverse first season love interest — still doesn’t know. And, of course, Kate’s father Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) is also unaware, which makes his threat of war against the Bat one of the more interesting tensions the show can play with.
It is a tension which may pay off if this promo for next week’s Batwoman season finale is being truthful. Batwoman’s search for Hush leads her into another standoff with Jacob and the Crows. Will he finally learn the truth?

That said, we like Mary’s sass about when she found out the truth — which made the reappearance of Parker Torres (Malia Pyles) an added treat. Team Batwoman is still forming and Parker’s presence could round things out. Then again, her skill set makes Luke (Camrus Johnson) somewhat redundant unless he becomes Batwing next season and joins Kate and Julia (Christina Wolfe) on the street. Alternatively, she could become Flamebird as no one has claimed that identity yet. This episode felt like a tryout for Parker as a recurring character, so we’d like her to feel vital to the team.
And speaking of mythology, Julia’s mysterious client is still something of a mystery to Kate even if we know her name: Safiyah Sohail. The pirate ruler of Coryana has an established place in Kate’s comic book history, but she appears to be someone the television version has never heard of. Is it some blowback from the Crisis? As Luke noted this week, his father journal contains information on killing Kate. Does her status as a Paragon maker her quasi-immortal? But if that’s the case, why was Safiyah looking to kill her before the Crisis (as referenced in the episode featuring The Rifle)?
Presumably, this will all be Season 2 material, but it speaks to a more interesting story next season. Of course, based on the last few episodes, it seems like the show will be ready to handle it.
Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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