Meet The Ghost Bros In ‘Dead Dudes’ OGN From Oni Press

by James Ferguson

Oni Press has announced Dead Dudes, an upcoming original graphic novel from Christopher Sebela, Ben Sears, Warren Wucinich, and Ryan Hill following a trio of ghost hunters who piss off the wrong bunch of ghosts.

Set for release in September 2020, Dead Dudes centers on Trev, Kent, and Brian, three alleged friends who are best known as the backbiting hosts of the popular ghost hunting show, Ghost Bros. Ratings are falling and competition is rising so they go all in on the Chernobyl of haunted locations: Edgeway Penitentiary. That’s where the Ghost Bros find conclusive proof of the afterlife…once they die and come back as ghosts themselves. Now they’re trapped in this place with the angry ghosts who killed them in the first place. They set out to be the best dead dudes they can be and prove to the world that ghosts exist. They just have to save the living from a ghostly armageddon. No pressure.
Look for Dead Dudes at your local comic shop on September 16th, 2020.

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