Review: Cover it ‘G.I. Joe’ #6

by Benjamin Hall

The main cover by artist Chris Evenhuis features the character Ana Suárez codename Fadeaway who looks like she is about to be caught out or is possibly rethinking a decision. Either way the character’s almost paranoid expression, and the positioning of everything gives this cover an original feel. While the retailer incentive cover art by artist Emma Vieceli and colorist Brittany Peer provides a less subtle message. It suggests a possible split within G.I. Joe by means of the cover image having a tear. Also there is a suggestion of some kind of conflict with the characters Eliane Song codename Jinx and the nameless woman with the codename of Scarlet. The cover suggests this by having their respective shadows crossing over each other and the tear.

G.I. Joe #6 (2020) Cover by Chris Evenhuis

When it comes to the interior art Chris Evenhuis provides fantastically smooth line work within each panel. Also there is slightly subtle characterization with each pose the characters are put in. However, certain characters, such as Scarlet, could possibly use less static looking hairdos. As for the colors they are good at suggesting light sources. Though it is arguable whether some of the greens are the wrong kind to use for backgrounds. Despite the arguably problematic greens the palette features an overall nice selection.

The lettering by letterer Neil Uyetake arguably acts as a figurative bridge between the art and writing. This occurs due to how the placement of the word balloons reacts to the mix of talking and action in this issue provide tenser characterization. Not to mention that the style of this issue’s narrative is a little more reliant than most of the past issues on dialogue. However, writer Paul Allor provides enough action and scene changes to keep this issue from being just “talking heads.” Finally despite this sixth issue being extremely high in quality Paul Allor needs to somehow identify the characters to the reader in future issues.

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