Dark Magic And Darker Secrets Coming In Doomspeaker

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Scout Comics has been incredibly busy during the quarantine, announcing a slew of new titles coming later this year. It just keeps adding them too! The latest is Doomspeaker, following a boy with the ability to foretell how someone will die as he joins a traveling carnival hiding dark magic and darker secrets. Debuting in the winter of this year, DoomSpeaker is comes from Neil Allen Moherman, Walter Ostlie, and Chas Pangburn.

Ostlie says:

A weird carnival, a sinister prophecy, and magic. What else can you really ask for!

Doomspeaker centers on Jarden’s traveling carnival as he reaches a new small town and comes into contact with the aforementioned boy who can predict one’s death. The boy’s father, the town sheriff hangs a member of the carnival, forcing Jarden to destroy the town with dark magic. The boy joins the carnival so Jarden can keep an eye on him as it continues its journey with the sheriff following close behind.

Pangburn added:

Neil and Walter have crafted a serious tale about latent abilities, curiosities, prejudices, family, and (literal) “barking irons.” Giddy-up and pre-order before this one’s a goner.

Look for Doomspeaker later this year at your local comic shop.

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