DC Comics Summer Special: ‘DC Cybernetic Summer’ One-Shot Announced

by Olly MacNamee

In recent years’ DC Comics have been putting out some great season-specific one-shot specials and this summer they’re offering up another one of these fun-filled books with DC Cybernetic Summer coming out July 28th.
An anthology title, it features the following stories:

  • Red Tornado in “Summer Camp” by Stephanie Phillips and Leila del Duca
  • Cyborg, Superman, and Cyborg Superman in “Catfish Crisis” by Stuart Moore and Cully Hamner
  • Superboy, starring the Legion of Super-Heroes, in “Summer Lovin’” by Liz Erickson and Nik Virella
  • Batman, O.M.A.C. and Brother Eye in “The Limits of Control” by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman
  • Robot Man in “The Summer Blues” by Max Bemis and Greg Smallwood
  • Harley Quinn and Sy Borgman in “Splish Splash Special” by Che Grayson and Marguerite Sauvage
  • Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Skeets in “The Boys of Summer” by Heath Corson and Scott Koblish
  • Mercury Flash in “The Speedster Games” by Joshua Williamson and David Lafuente
  • Midnighter, Apollo, Monsieur Mallah and The Brain in “Out There” by Steve Orlando and Paul Pelletier
  • Platinum and Wonder Woman in “Fandom” by Andrew Constant and Nicola Scott

If it’s like any of the other one-shot specials DC Comics have offered in the past, then this one will be another comic full of fun stories, often free of the constraints of continuity, given the creates a little bit more leeway and creativity. Here in the UK a big part of the summer vacation period was enjoying the big, one-shot summer specials put out by The Beano and 2000AD, so I see this as a continuation of that grand tradition. I’m just glad this summer ritual has made it over the other side of the pond. Essential summer time reading, methinks whether on the beach, or in lockdown. Depending where we are as a global community by the end of July.
DC Cybernetic Summer is an 80-page, Prestige format one-shot on sale at comic book stores and participating online retailers on July 28 with a cover by Dan Mora.

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