Review: ‘Canopus #3’ Stretches The Boundaries Of The Comic Book Medium

by James Ferguson

The full parameters of Helen’s mission are revealed as the mystery continues to unfold in Canopus. Not only are we moving through this unsettling experience on a far off planet, but we’re delving into Helen’s memories, which have been distorted through the lens of this strange place.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, Canopus is a little trippy. Much of this is attributable to creator Dave Chisholm’s artwork. He really stretches the boundaries of the medium, creating a truly unique visual experience. This really drives home the idea that reality is somewhat fluid around Helen. If this was a movie or a TV show, this might be shown with quick flashes that your eye couldn’t really focus on. Fortunately, the comic allows us to soak it all in and see every detail.
This gives every image some extra weight as we’re forced to question everything we’re seeing. We’re doing this while getting a better understanding of who Helen is as a person. We’ve already seen how betrayal and heartbreak shaped her current personality. Now we see how that shaded her actions aboard the ship, leading her to this mind-blowing adventure.

Throughout all this eerie imagery and excitement, there’s a glimmer of hope that shines through. Maybe, just maybe, Helen can make it through this and save not only herself, but the rest of humanity. This comes to a head in a thrilling sequence towards the end of Canopus #3 where you can feel the intensity of the scene. Everything is on the line.
Canopus blends thought-provoking character study with pulse-pounding sci-fi adventure. It’s as exciting as it is fascinating.
Canopus #3 from Scout Comics is currently available at your local comic shop.

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