Dark Horse Comics No Longer Working With Scott Allie

by James Ferguson

More allegations arose this week against Scott Allie, editor and writer at Dark Horse Comics. This time from former Dark Horse publicist and editor Shawna Gore, who recounted an experience with Allie that included sexual assault and years of abuse during her tenure at the publisher. In response, Dark Horse Comics released a statement supporting Gore and announcing it will no longer be working with Scott Allie.

This was followed by a statement from Dark Horse Comics President and Founder, Mike Richardson denouncing Allie’s behavior while claiming ignorance of this particular abuse. Writer / artist Mike Mignola, a frequent collaborator with Allie, also made a statement saying he would no longer be working with Allie.

This is a little surprising as allegations about Allie have been rumbling for some time and went public in 2015. That was when Allie stepped down as Editor in Chief, yet remained employed at Dark Horse. As Richardson said in his statement, Allie worked there for 20 years and Allie’s behavior was known to at least some extent, yet he continued to work there and put on prominent titles. Hopefully this leads to further change, not only in this particular situation, but across the industry as this kind of behavior can not and should not be tolerated in this or any work place.

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