Mars Attacks Red Sonja In ‘Mars Attacks Red Sonja’ From Dynamite

by James Ferguson

Sometimes a title gets right to the point. You know what you can expect and what the story is about. That’s the case with Mars Attacks Red Sonja from Dynamite. You immediately understand what’s coming, but maybe not the journey there. Writer John Layman, artist Fran Strukan, colorist Valentina Briski, and letterer Taylor Esposito will dig into this untold tale of the Martians invading Hyrkania during the Hyborean Age. The steel and savagery of Red Sonja faces the advanced weaponry and science of the big-brained baddies.

Writer John Layman says:

This is a book I actively pushed Dynamite to do, and I bugged them and bugged them until they finally approved it because I wouldn’t go away. I’m a HUGE fan of both properties, and the idea of mixing violent barbarian sword & sorcery with ultra-violent over-the-top retro sci-fi is simply irresistible to me.

The first issue will feature an array of covers including work from Lucio Parrillo, Dustin Nguyen, Arthur Suydam, Luca Strati, Barry Kitson, and Alan Quah.

Artist Fran Strukan added:

It’s really amazing the amount of luck a person can have. Growing up with certain characters and then one day – WHAM! You’re doing a crossover between some of the most beloved things from your childhood. All of that, and with a veteran writer (and fellow decapitation lover) John at the helm, it’s impossible to express the amount of excitement I have for this book.

Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1 is set for release in August 2020.

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