Super Sunday (Part 4): ‘The Bone Herder’ Is An Afropunk Horror Fantasy Comic Book Campaign

by Olly MacNamee

Our next spotlighted comic book crowdfunder for The Bone Herder, has already smashed it’s humble goal of $5,000 with over $57,000 raised already with just over two weeks left to go. The Bone Herder is by the creative team of writer Zaire Lanier, artist Tumo Mere from Botswana, concept artist Morgan Madeline and additional art from Sam Willoughby.
Together this team have created a world of Afropunk aesthetics and ideologies, thereby creating an alternative fantasy/horror world which is not beholden to the Western traditions that dominate this genre. A world informed by African cultures, architecture and so much more. And, once again, we are reminded why such creative types in African-American communities turn to creating their own indie comics more and more. Here’s writer and co-creator Lanier on her experiences with comics:
“This is why  I am creating the world of The Bone Herder. It is for people, like me, that want to a reflection of themselves in the media they consume. My family tree and genealogy have no known origin. Africa is the framework for my existence and I feel an attachment and at times even a hole for a motherland I never knew. I imagine worlds and stories they might have once been a part of many, many years ago.”

The Story:
“Every generation, a child is chosen to travel from village to village punishing wrong doers, by flaying their bones and burying them. Cass is the first to break the tradition, but in doing so breaks an ancient pact with the Flesh Folk”.

For more details on this campaign, pledges and stretch goal news, check out The Bone Herder campaign here.

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