Super Sunday (Part 2): Batman And Black Lightning Ponder Who Should Lead In ‘Batman And The Outsiders’ #14

by Olly MacNamee

Batman and the Outsiders are still being plagued by Ra’s al Ghul with Black Lightning and Batman in a quandary as to who should be the true leader of the team. Batman and the Outsiders #14 is out Tuesday 7th July from Bryan Hill, Dexter Soy, Veronica Gandini and Clayton Cowles.
“Batman is going to push the Outsiders to their absolute limits in order for them to stop Ra’s al Ghul once and for all. He’ll force them all to use their powers in ways they never imagined and possibly push them over the edge in the process! Batman and Black Lightning will need to decide who the true leader of the team is, or Ra’s’s victory will be assured!”

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