Digital Diamond: ‘Barry Windsor-Smith’s Young Gods And Friends’ Digital Release

by Olly MacNamee

Every now and again a reprint of a classic finds its way online as a digital release with virtually no fanfare. So, as part of our continued development of this site and new columns to keep you entertained – and to offer you something other websites maybe don’t – we give you our inaugural ‘Digital Diamond’ pick-of-the-day and it’s one that’s well worth the spotlight.
Step forward Barry Windsor-Smith’s Young Gods and Friends, released in print over a decade ago (2004) and now available online through comiXology from today, including the previously unpublished issues #10 and #11, plus new story material, background information, and behind-the-scenes art!
Originally published as part of his oversized Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller for Dark Horse, but cancelled with issue #10, this has long been a fixture on many cretics’ ‘Must-Read’ lists since it was originally published in 1995. And now, you can get your hands on this digital release from today! hers; a preview of the book so any younger readers out there can see what all the fuss is about the it cones to this artist ho in recent years has become something of a recluse when it comes to new art and new publishing projects.

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