Preview: Batman And Two-Face Duke It Out One More Time In ‘Detective Comics’ #1024

by Olly MacNamee

Batman and Harvey Dent duel one more time, but with the Joker’s role in Two-Face’s tragic life, will Dent ever be able to firm the peace he craves? Detective Comics #1024 is out Tuesday 21st July from Peter J Tomasi, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy and Brad Anderson.

“The story of Two-Face reaches its end, and Harvey Dent will at last find peace after decades of schism. But will that peace be in death, or in the chance at a new life? All along, The Joker has been the puppet master behind the torment of Two-Face, and he knows how to make an entrance! Don’t miss the final battle between Batman, Two-Face, and Lincoln March, with a shocking conclusion that will split you right in two!”

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