Preview: The Return Of Mr. Mind And Superboy-Prime Comes To ‘SHAZAM!’ #13

by Olly MacNamee

I had high hopes for this book, but with more and more delays and now a cancellation, SHAZAM! never really reached its full potential and joins any number of previous efforts to make the Shazam family more relevant on the scrap heap. Still, enjoy Dale Eaglesham’s stunning artwork while you can in our preview of today’s SHAZAM! #13 written by Geoff Johns.
“He’s baaaaaaack! The greatest kid superhero ever faces the worst teen supervillain as Billy Batson and the Shazam family confront Superboy Prime. Superboy Prime has the powers of Superman and none of his heroic morality-can even Shazam stop the most powerful threat he and his family have ever encountered?”

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