‘Paper Girls’ Goes To Series With ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ Producers

by Erik Amaya

Get ready for mind-bending paper route.
After almost exactly one year in development, TVLine reports Amazon has committed to Paper Girls as a television series with Halt and Catch Fire executive producers Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers as showrunners. Toy Story 4 writer Stephany Folsom, whose been with the project since it was announced last year, will also serve as a showrunner.
Based on the comic book series by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chaing, the series focuses on four teen-aged girls in the 1980s. During their paper routes early on the morning of November 1, 1988, time splits open as a war from the future comes to their Ohio neighborhood. Soon, they are racing through time themselves; trying to recover lost friends, solve the time war, and find a way back home. Along the way, they also discover key things about their own lives.
“This is a story with so much heart, and so many unique colors and dimensions — our sincere hope is not only to do justice to the source material, but to make Paper Girls unlike anything else currently on TV,” the showrunners said in a statement.
Indeed, the comic is very different, although, we can see why Amazon would be so interested in adapting the material. Though it began publication almost a year before Stranger Things debuted on Netflix, it has similar vibes with its 1980s origins and weird happenings. That said, Stranger Things is a much more contained story in comparison, lacking the crazy vistas and even the character development of Paper Girls.
Of course, this isn’t a contest, so we’re happy to see both series run their courses. As always, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to guess when the series will premiere, but we’ll go on a limb and suggest 2022.

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