‘Razorblades’: New Horror Anthology Magazine From James Tynion IV And Already Sold Out

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Trevor Henderson

James Tynion IV’s newsletter is often the place to hear more about upcoming projects and so was the case in the latest edition, in which he announced his new horror anthology magazine, Razorblades, which he is self-publishing through his newly established Tiny Onion Studios.
A 76 page co-curated by Steve Foxe, the first issue features work by Tynion IV,  Sam Johns & DaNi, Steve Foxe & Michael Dialynas, Marguerite Bennett & Werther Dell’Edera, Lonnie Nadler & Jenna Cha, Michael Walsh, and Trung Nguyen. Included are  Ilustrations by Brian Level, Francine B/WitnessTheAbsurd, Nick Robles, Aaron Campbell, Jock.
Unfortunately, as this is Tynion’s first self-published venture, he kept the print run low. Very low and it’s already sold out of print copies but you can still buy a pdf copy online and pay what you think is a fair price.
For more – a lot more – on Razorblades, do think of subscribing to Tynion’s always informative, also entertaining newsletter here.

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