A Homecoming For A Hero In ‘Ragnarök: The Breaking Of Helheim’ #6 Previewed

by Olly MacNamee

Walt Simonson’s triumphant return to Norse mythology comes Ragnarök: The Breaking Of Helheim #6 comes to a crashing g conclusion after three volumes. A post=-Apocalyptic landscape and a less-than-handsome Thor are out two of the elements that make this a very radical departure form the other time Simonson was involved with a certain god of thunder. Out from IDW Wednesday 5th August.

“Thor races to reach the rim of the dead lands and escape the lethal vengeance of Hel, pursued by the beasts of Helheim and the numberless dead. With his destruction almost upon him, the God of Thunder gathers the fate of all of Helheim into his gauntleted hands as Mjolnir, the greatest weapon of the gods, speaks in a voice of thunder across the Dusklands.”

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