Lay It All Out – K. Lynn Smith Talks ‘For Goodness’ Sake’

by James Ferguson

After a successful campaign for its first volume, creator K. Lynn Smith has returned to Kickstarter for For Goodness’ Sake: Volume 2. The comic follows Thatcher, a man cursed to appear more demonic with each passing day as his path collides with Rayne, a free-spirited young woman who thinks there might be a way to cure him. They embark on an epic road trip. I had a chance to speak with Smith about the project.
James Ferguson: Where do we find Thatcher and Rayne as For Goodness’ Sake: Volume 2 begins?
K. Lynn Smith: Thatcher is a miserable human now, the curse having lessened due to his last good deed. But it’s soon evident that it hasn’t gone away. Not completely. And as they learn more about each other, it’s clear there’s much more to his curse than they originally thought.

JF: How do you approach the “Will they? Won’t they?” aspect of your work in Plume and now For Goodness’ Sake?
KLS: Honestly? I am a sucker for the “Will they? Won’t they?” in any story. So much so, I keep myself in the dark sometimes. I have no plan whether they will get together, but as the story develops, and as they develop, it’ll be evident that they care for each other. But in what capacity? We shall see!
JF: Since you’re doing it all with For Goodness’ Sake, how do you approach this creatively? Do you work off of a full script? Or do you just jump into drawing?
KLS: I have a very rough script. It’s mostly dialogue that I work out through scripting. But when it comes to layouts, I jump right into the art. It’s very loose creatively, and I love that. I’ve gotten a few “ah ha” moments out of this process.

JF: How long is For Goodness’ Sake planned to run?
KLS: My aim is four volumes, but that’s not set in stone quite yet. The story is roughed out, but the amount of pages it needs to get there is still being determined.
JF: Since you have a few successful campaigns under your belt, what is one piece of advise you’d give for someone looking to run a Kickstarter?
KLS: Lay it all out. Whether that’s your product or yourself, be as open and honest as you can. This means having some nice visuals for your campaign, product proofs and/or mockups, and having a fun and snappy video to accompany it.
Comicon would like to thank K. Lynn Smith for taking the time to speak with us. The For Goodness’ Sake: Volume 2 Kickstarter is running through September 3rd, 2020. It has already tripled its funding goal. Rewards include digital and physical copies of the first and second volumes, pins, commissions, and more.

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