New ‘Tron’ Film Finds Director Garth Davis

by Erik Amaya

With TRON, there’s always good news and, well, not so welcome news.
Deadline reports Lion and Mary Magdalene director Garth Davis has been tapped to direct a third film in the occasional Disney sci-fi series. Word of a new TRON film is good, but it is tempered by the continued involvement of actor Jared Leto, who has been attached to the project since 2017.
Leto is slated to star in the picture, but it is unclear if this is a continuation of the story began in 1982’s TRON and advanced in 2010’s TRON Legacy, a reboot, re-imagining, or something in between. But with a TRON-themed roller coaster debuting at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (a clone of the ride at Shanghai Disneyland), it is clear Disney has some interest in keeping TRON alive.
Despite their reputations as poor box office performers, both TRON films earned respectable grosses and inspired cult followings thanks to their aesthetics. Of course, it remains to be seen if Davis will continue its design evolution, but considering how important TRON‘s look is to various aspects of the Disney empire, you can expect Lightcycles and Recognizers to get another visual upgrade.

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