Galactus’ Other Herald, Air-Walker, Looks To Dominate ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

The Devourer of Worlds has been known to employ several characters in the Marvel Universe to be his herald; the most recognized being the Silver Surfer. Coming to Marvel Contest of Champions, is another of the Galactus’ heralds, Air-Walker. He’s looking to make his master proud and become the most dominant combatant in The Battlerealm. Below is a quick bio of his in-game story.
“Gabriel Lan was formerly a member of the Nova Corps, before eagerly accepting an offer from the cosmic entity, Galactus, to become his herald. Wielding the immense power of the Power Cosmic and the Bow of Gabriel, Air-Walker dutifully serves Galactus, terraforming worlds for his master, and crushing all who oppose him.”
Are you looking to incorporate Air-Walker into your roster of fighters? Read up on the details of his abilities, history, strength and recommended masteries in his Champion Spotlight. Afterwards, consult the video below for all his special moves or refer to his deep dive.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available for download right now.

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