Preview: Enter The Phantom Stranger In ‘Metal Men’ #9

by Olly MacNamee

Dan Didio may have left the hallowed halls of DC Comics, but he still has some unfinished business with his Metal Men maxi-series that sees its ninth issue drop this Tuesday 18th August with Shane Davis on art. And, what with Davis’s turning to the dark side and Comicsgate, I imagine this could well be his last work for DC Comics for some time too.

“Back at the pit the Nth Metal Man came out of, something strange is happening! Is this a portal into the Dark Multiverse – or something worse? It’s up to Tina, Gold, and Nth Metal Man to go investigate, and along the way, they run into the Phantom Stranger! Back in Manhattan, the other Metal Men have to figure out how to defeat Chemo and get him out of the city before there’s a radiation reaction that could melt through more than just metal.”


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