DC FanDome: Multiverse 101 Panel

by Olly MacNamee

The DC Multiverse 101 panel with Jim Lee (DC Chief Creative Officer/Publisher), Greg Berlanti (Berlanti Productions) and Walter Hamada (President of DC-Based Film Production) discussed all thinks in the Arrowverse TV. Just finished now over on the official DC Fandome webpage, here are the top four talking points to takeaway from the panel now:

  1. The Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” famously included Ezra Miler’s Flash which came aboyut after the cross-over event had all but been filmed. “The was a lot of improvising,” when they did get Ezra in front of the camera. Even people working on the show didn’t know of Miller’s involvement, it was so last minute.
  2. The multiverse allows creators tell interesting and different stories without worrying about continuity whatsoever. “It really is the best of both worlds,” as Hamada stated.
  3. A fan asked about the use of Alan Moore and Dave GibbonsWatchmen characters being used again now that Doomsday Clock is completed. Lee mentioned the Rorschach maxi-series from Tom King and Jorge Fornés, but he couldn’t say anything else beyond this. Suggesting that there are plans for these characters beyond King and Fornes’ series, maybe?
  4. HBO Max gets a mention as a middle point between the DC Comics TV output and the cinematic universe, but again, no real details. What I think this suggests is that we will be getting more mature content akin ot HBO’s Watchmen series. Shows that do not necessarily have to be linked to the more all-ages Arrowverse, nor the cinematic universe.

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